10.90. Internet Severity and Activities Addiction Questionnaire, 10-items (ISAAQ-10)

A questionnaire about problematic internet use. The original ISAAQ task consisted of a 15-item severity scale (Part A) and an activities list (Part B). ISAAQ-10 replaces Part A with a 10-item subset of the original 15. Part B remains unchanged. The original ISAAQ should no longer be used and has been removed from CamCOPS.

10.90.1. Intellectual property rights

  • Copyright (C) 2017 Konstantinos Ioannidis, Samuel R. Chamberlain.

  • Licensing: The ISAAQ-10 may be used for non-commercial research purposes without permission, as long as any resulting publications or presentations acknowledge the copyright holders and appropriately cite the validation paper(s). To use ISAAQ-10 for commercial purposes, please contact the copyright holders in advance to request a license. Item-level content of the ISAAQ (all versions) cannot be reproduced, modified, and/or published without prior written permission of the copyright holders.

    • Approved for inclusion in CamCOPS on the “non-commercial” basis. “I am happy for the ISAAQ-10 and ISAAQ Part B to be fully public on CamCOPS for those who declare the commercial “no”.” (Konstantinos Ioannidis to Martin Burchell and Rudolf Cardinal, and approved by Sam Chamberlain, 13 Feb 2023.)

10.90.2. History

10.90.3. Source

  • Konstantinos Ioannidis, personal communication, 2022 and 2023.

  • Pertinent references from the task document:

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