10.30. Clinical Interview Schedule, Revised (CIS–R)

10.30.1. History and guide

Original papers:

  • Lewis G, Pelosi AJ, Aray R, Dunn G (1992). Measuring psychiatric disorder in the community: a standardized assessment for use by lay interviewers. Psychological Medicine 22: 465-486. https://www.pubmed.gov/1615114.

  • Lewis G (1994). Assessing psychiatric disorder with a human interviewer or a computer. J Epidemiol Community Health 48: 207-210. https://www.pubmed.gov/8189180.

10.30.2. Source

  • Lewis G (personal communication), as above.

10.30.3. Intellectual property rights

  • The task itself is not in the reference publications, so copyright presumed to rest with the authors (not the journal).

  • “There are no copyright issues with the CISR so please adapt it for use.” — Prof. Glyn Lewis, personal communication to Rudolf Cardinal, 27 Oct 2017.