8. Tasks in CamCOPS by category


Copyright details (and any special restrictions) are given below on the pages pertaining to individual tasks. If you think a task is here in error (i.e. that we have erred in our assesment of its copyright status), please contact us immediately (at rudolf@pobox.com).

8.15. Set menus for clinical purposes


Individual clinical services or contexts may have specific menus of tasks created. Amongst them are the FROM-LP and FROM-Perinatal sets.

8.16. The FROM-LP framework


FROM-LP is the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ Framework for Routine Outcome Measurement in Liaison Psychiatry.

The FROM-LP generic measures are:


Outcomes (clinician-rated)

Outcomes (patient-rated)

Patient satisfaction

Referrer satisfaction

The FROM-LP condition-specific measures are:

8.16.1. History and guide

8.16.2. Source

FROM-LP report (2015), as above, and some original sources.

8.16.3. Intellectual property rights

  • 2015 faculty report © The Royal College of Psychiatrists.
  • “… the actual FROM-LP framework. The scales named in the latter” [the FROM-LP framework] “are all fine to use from a copyright perspective.” Peter Trigwell, clinical lead for FROM-LP, to Rudolf Cardinal 2015-06-01.

8.17. The FROM-Perinatal framework


FROM-Perinatal is the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ Framework for Routine Outcome Measures in Perinatal Psychiatry.

The FROM-Perinatal measures (not all implemented in CamCOPS) are:

Common mental health disorders

Generic measures

Mother-infant measures

  • Postpartum Bonding Questionnaire (PBQ); PROM
  • Bethlem Mother–Infant Interaction Scale (BMIS); CROM
  • Mothers’ Object Relations Scale (MORS-SF); PROM
  • CARE-Index; CROM
  • Parent–Infant Interaction Observation Scale (PIIOS); CROM
  • National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) scale; CROM

Infant measure

  • Alarm Distress BaBy scale (ADBB); CROM

Patient experience measures

Specific conditions

[PREM, patient-rated experience measure; PROM, patient-rated outcome measure; CROM, clinician-rated outcome measure.]

8.17.1. History and guide