7.59. Health of the Nation Outcome Scale for working age adults (HoNOS)


[FROM-LP] Recommended by FROM-LP, as part of its condition-specific suggestions. [Royal College of Psychiatrists (2015). Framework for Routine Outcome Measurement in Liaison Psychiatry (FROM-LP). Faculty report FR/LP/02. https://www.rcpsych.ac.uk/pdf/FRLP02.pdf.]

(The HoNOS is part of FROM-LP.)

7.59.1. History and guide


7.59.3. Intellectual property rights

Copyright © Royal College of Psychiatrists; reproduced with permission.

  • Wing et al. (1999): published under Crown copyright.
  • Personal communication from Mick James (HoNOS Advisor, Royal College of Psychiatrists) to Rudolf Cardinal, 2012-09-21: “The original R&D was funded by the Department of Health and the status of the tool at first publication was indeed that it was Crown Copyright. A few years ago we were in discussion with the Australian Dept of Health and Ageing and New Zealand Health Ministry with the English Department of Health about the development of national initiatives mandating HoNOS and the Crown Copyright status was causing some legal difficulties so the DH suggested and organised that the copyright be legally transferred to the Royal College of Psychiatrists… So, current conditions are that copyright is now firmly with the College.”
  • Permission to use the HoNOS scales in the current electronic test kit (open-source, for clinical and research purposes, without commercial marketing) granted by the Royal College of Psychiatrists, 2012-09-21
    • “Given the arrangements that you describe below for this we would be more than happy to grant permissions. Just needs to cite the RCPsych copyright and that will be fine.” (personal communication, Mick James [RCPsych] to Rudolf Cardinal, 2012-09-21)
      • “I’d hoped to include the HoNOS (with its descriptors) in an open-source tablet app for use within our NHS (= CPFT) and research (= University of Cambridge) environments – and, being open-source, potentially for others in similar settings. We would not be marketing it commercially in any way. Would it therefore be OK to include the HoNOS, citing RCPsych copyright and that we were including it with your permission?” (personal communication, Rudolf Cardinal to Mick James, 2012-09-21)

7.60. Health of the Nation Outcome Scale for 65+-year-olds (HoNOS 65+)

See HoNOS.

7.61. Health of the Nation Outcome Scale for Children and Adolescents (HoNOSCA)

See HoNOS.