10.26. Clinical Global Impression – Schizophrenia (CGI-SCH)

10.26.1. History and guide

10.26.2. Source

Haro et al. (2003), as above.

10.26.3. Intellectual property rights

  • By Josep Maria Haro Abad and colleagues. Free for use without further permission:

    • “The scale is free for use” (Josep Mario Haro Abad to Peter Jones/Julia Deakin, 2014-01-11);

    • “User[s] do not need to contact me to use the scale” (JMHA to PBJ/JBD, 2014-01-13);

    • note also that the user’s manual is available on request (for contact details see e.g. http://pubmedcentralcanada.ca/pmcc/articles/PMC3536691/).

  • A derivative of the CGI (q.v.), which is a work of the US federal government.