10.88. INECO Frontal Screening (IFS)


(¶+) Reproduction of this task/scale is not permitted (or such permission is not clear). This CamCOPS task is a data collection tool only, with no scale text (unless configured locally to use externally provided text that the hosting institution is legally permitted to use). Use it only in conjunction with a licensed copy of the original task. If your institution is entitled to use the task, you may install an add-on XML file on your server containing the required strings, to make the task fully functional, but you must provide this XML file and its contents yourself (it is outside the scope of CamCOPS).

Original references

  • Torralva T, Roca M, Gleichgerrcht E, López P, Manes F (2009). INECO Frontal Screening (IFS): a brief, sensitive, and specific tool to assess executive functions in dementia. J Int Neuropsychol Soc. 15:777–86.

  • INECO = Institute of Cognitive Neurology, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


  • Somewhat unclear.

  • Torralva (2009, corrected 2010) article contains scale text. That article is marked copyright © 2009 INS (International Neuropsychological Society).

  • However, that article was then corrected for copyright reasons, as it contained (in its Appendix) material from the Wechsler Memory Scale – Revised, for which the copyright is owned by NCS Pearson Inc.; that part was removed in the corrected version.

  • The removed text was the instructions for the “digits backward” task.

  • For the moment, only a skeleton task (with no task text) is included in CamCOPS.