10.50. Dementia Quality of Life measure (DEMQOL)

DEMQOL: 28-item interviewer-administered questionnaire answered by the person with dementia.

10.50.1. History and guide

10.50.2. Source


10.50.3. Intellectual property rights

Copyright © Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London. Permission granted for use within CamCOPS.

Sube Banerjee (author and principal investigator) to Rudolf Cardinal, 2015-06-25:

"If this is product/system that is free to use I would have no problem in
DEMQOL and DEMQOL-Proxy being included.
1. There is no licence needed or need to register its use.  It is a free to
   use system but we assert copyright so no-one else does.
2. There are no costs due for its use.
3. There is a manual which is available on our website
   which also includes the instruments.
4. The information on scoring is contained in the DEMQOL manual and
   monograph which are available freely on our website.
5. You can generate your own electronic format but we would not cede
   copyright on the instrument."

10.51. Dementia Quality of Life measure, proxy version (DEMQOL-Proxy)

DEMQOL-Proxy: 31-item interviewer-administered questionnaire answered by a caregiver.