10.41. Clinical Outcomes in Routine Evaluation 10 (CORE-10)


[FROM-LP] Recommended by FROM-LP, as part of the core generic set. See FROM-LP.


[FROM-Perinatal] Recommended by FROM-Perinatal, as part of the “generic measures” set. See FROM-Perinatal.

10.41.1. History and guide

  • The CORE-OM (Clinical Outcomes in Routine Evaluation Outcome Measure) is the “parent” task. This covers 4 domains of psychological distress: wellbeing, symptoms, functioning, risk.

  • The CORE-10 is a shortened 10-item version of the CORE-OM; see http://www.coreims.co.uk/About_Measurement_CORE_Tools.html.

  • Original CORE-OM paper: Barkham et al. (2001), PMID 11393596

10.41.2. Source

10.41.3. Intellectual property rights