1.1. Overview

CamCOPS is:

  • an application that runs on tablet devices including iPads, Android tablets, and desktop computers (Linux, Windows, iOS).
  • It offers many well-known questionnaires and more advanced tests relevant to cognitive and psychiatric assessment.
  • It is intended for clinical research by qualified professionals.
  • It offers structured and unstructured clinical record-keeping facilities.
  • It operates offline, so it can be used in places with no network reception.
  • It is compatible with UK NHS information security standards (though security is multifaceted and you will need to do extra things to meet these security requirements).
  • It periodically sends its data to a server of yours, which you control.
  • The server offers a web ‘front end’ (including printable task summaries, quantitative tracking information, and clinical summary views), a relational database ‘back end’ for powerful statistical analysis, and automatic export facilities including HL7- and file-based export of structured data or PDFs.


  • it’s open-source, so you can download and modify the source code. If you’re a programmer, it’s very easy to add your own tasks.


  • the client app is written using C++ using Qt, an open-source cross-platform framework.
  • The server is written in Python and will run on any suitably configured web server.