15.1.418. tablet_qt/questionnairelib/mcqgridsubtitle.h

#pragma once
#include <QString>

class McqGridSubtitle
    // Structure to describe a subtitle in one of the MCQ grid variants.
    // The subtitle goes in column 0.

    // We provide default options so this can be copied automatically and thus
    // put in a QVector.
    McqGridSubtitle(int pos = -1, const QString& string = QString(),
                    bool repeat_options = true);

    // Returns the index at (before) which to place the subtitle.
    int pos() const;

    // Returns the text to display.
    QString string() const;

    // Should we repeat the "options you can choose from" (in columns 1-) in
    // the same row as the subtitle?
    bool repeatOptions() const;

    int m_pos;
    QString m_string;
    bool m_repeat_options;