15.1.18. tablet_qt/common/gui_defines.h

    Copyright (C) 2012, University of Cambridge, Department of Psychiatry.
    Created by Rudolf Cardinal (rnc1001@cam.ac.uk).

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#pragma once


This file allows you to test custom layouts by swapping between


    ... widgets use the trick of
            MyWidget::resizeEvent(QResizeEvent* event) {
                int current_width = width();
                int new_height = heightForWidth(current_width);
    ... standard Qt layouts are used, e.g. QVBoxLayout, QHBoxLayout
    ... you also have to implement custom functionality on the widgets that are
        parents of height-for-width widgets in the layout heirarchy (and their
        parent, etc.), which is the particular annoyance


    ... widgets don't use the resizeEvent()
    ... we have custom layouts, e.g. VBoxLayoutHfw and HBoxLayoutHfw, which
        respect the height-for-width system in a different way
    ... generally preferable?

Files that make up a complete set of classes:

    common/gui_defines.h    - this master switch, for testing
    layouts/layouts.h        - choose Qt or custom layouts via master switch;
                              refer to them as VBoxLayout, HBoxLayout, etc.
                              and this file will choose the actual
                              implementation (*)
    lib/sizehelpers.h   }   - shortcuts for size policies/resize functions
    lib/sizehelpers.cpp }

    widgets/margins.h   }   - simple class to hold margins
    widgets/margins.cpp }

    widgets/basewidget.h    } widget class that'll act as a parent widget
    widgets/basewidget.cpp  }   for a height-for-width widget (*)

    layouts/boxlayouthfw.h      } replacements for QBoxLayout, QHBoxLayout,
    layouts/boxlayouthfw.cpp    }   QVBoxLayout, so you can leave your widget
    layouts/hboxlayouthfw.h     }   classes alone except for implementing
    layouts/hboxlayouthfw.cpp   }   hasHeightForWidth() and heightForWidth(),
    layouts/vboxlayouthfw.h     }   and have them sized properly for you
    layouts/vboxlayouthfw.cpp   }

    layouts/gridlayouthfw.h     } similar replacement for QGridLayout
    layouts/gridlayouthfw.cpp   }

    layouts/flowlayouthfw.h     } replacement for the Qt FlowLayout example
    layouts/flowlayouthfw.cpp   }   that handles height-for-width better

    layouts/qtlayouthelpers.h   - reimplemented (and re-namespaced) private Qt
                                    layout functions, used by the new layouts

    widgets/verticalscrollarea.h    } vertical scroll area that also implements
    widgets/verticalscrollarea.cpp  }   height-for-width

    widgets/labelwordwrapwide.h     } replacement for QLabel that tries to use
    widgets/labelwordwrapwide.cpp   }   as much width as possible before

    widgets/aspectratiopixmap.h   } widget to keep an image's aspect ratio
    widgets/aspectratiopixmap.cpp }   fixed

    (*) uses gui_defines.h to implement a master switch for testing

Relevant web discussions include:

    Qt docs: https://doc.qt.io/qt-6.5/layout.html#layout-issues
    2009-01-16: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/452333/how-to-maintain-widgets-aspect-ratio-in-qt
    2011-11-21: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8211982/qt-resizing-a-qlabel-containing-a-qpixmap-while-keeping-its-aspect-ratio
    2012-12-31: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14104871/qlabel-cutting-off-text-on-resize
    2013-01-09: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14238138/heightforwidth-label
    2014-06-17: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/24264320/qt-layouts-keep-widget-aspect-ratio-while-resizing
    2015-03-30: http://www.qtcentre.org/threads/62059-QLabel-Word-Wrapping-adds-unnecessary-line-breaks
    2015-07-21: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/31535143/how-to-prevent-qlabel-from-unnecessary-word-wrapping


// The master switch: leave it, or comment it out

// Switches that follow from it:

// No silly combinations, please:


Notes for classes using these:
- The ONLY difference you should implement based on GUI_USE_HFW_LAYOUT
  is which layout class to use. Don't alter anything else