15.2.456. server/camcops_server/templates/menu/dump_basic_offer.mako

## -*- coding: utf-8 -*-



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    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
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<%inherit file="base_web_form.mako"/>

from camcops_server.cc_modules.cc_pyramid import Routes, ViewArg, ViewParam

<%include file="db_user_info.mako"/>

<h1>${ _("Basic research data dump") }</h1>

<h2>${ _("Explanation") }</h2>
            ${ _("Provides a spreadsheet-style download (usually one sheet "
                 "per task; for some tasks, more than one).") }
            ${ _("Incorporates patient and summary information into each row. "
                 "Doesn’t provide BLOBs (e.g. pictures).") }
            ${ _("If there are no instances of a particular task, no sheet is returned.") }
            ${ _("Restricted to current records (i.e. ignores historical "
                 "versions of tasks that have been edited).") }
            ${ _("For TSV, NULL values are represented by blank fields and "
                 "are therefore indistinguishable from blank strings, and "
                 "the Excel dialect of TSV is used. If you want to read TSV "
                 "files into R, try:") }
            <code>mydf = read.table("something.tsv", sep="\t", header=TRUE, na.strings="", comment.char="")</code>.
            ${ _("Note that R will prepend ‘X’ to variable names starting "
                 "with an underscore; see") }
            ${ _("Inspect the results with e.g.") }
            ${ _("or in RStudio,") }
            ${ _("For more advanced features, use the") }
            <a href="${ request.route_url(Routes.OFFER_SQL_DUMP) | n }">
                ${ _("SQL dump") }</a> ${ _("to get the raw data.") }
            ${ _("For explanations of each field (field comments), see each "
                 "task’s XML view or") }
            <a href="${ request.route_url(Routes.VIEW_DDL) | n }">
                ${ _("inspect the table definitions") }</a>.

<h2>${ _("Choose basic dump settings") }</h2>

${ form | n }

<%include file="to_main_menu.mako"/>