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#!/usr/bin/env python



    Copyright (C) 2012, University of Cambridge, Department of Psychiatry.
    Created by Rudolf Cardinal (

    This file is part of CamCOPS.

    CamCOPS is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
    the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
    (at your option) any later version.

    CamCOPS is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
    GNU General Public License for more details.

    You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
    along with CamCOPS. If not, see <>.


**ExportRecipient class.**


import logging
from typing import List, Optional, TYPE_CHECKING

from cardinal_pythonlib.logs import BraceStyleAdapter
from cardinal_pythonlib.reprfunc import simple_repr
from cardinal_pythonlib.sqlalchemy.list_types import (
from cardinal_pythonlib.sqlalchemy.orm_inspect import gen_columns
from cardinal_pythonlib.sqlalchemy.session import get_safe_url_from_url
from sqlalchemy.event.api import listens_for
from sqlalchemy.orm import reconstructor, Session as SqlASession
from sqlalchemy.sql.schema import Column
from sqlalchemy.sql.sqltypes import (

from camcops_server.cc_modules.cc_exportrecipientinfo import (
from camcops_server.cc_modules.cc_simpleobjects import TaskExportOptions
from camcops_server.cc_modules.cc_sqla_coltypes import (
from camcops_server.cc_modules.cc_sqlalchemy import Base

    from sqlalchemy.engine.base import Connection
    from sqlalchemy.orm.mapper import Mapper
    from camcops_server.cc_modules.cc_task import Task

log = BraceStyleAdapter(logging.getLogger(__name__))

# =============================================================================
# ExportRecipient class
# =============================================================================

[docs]class ExportRecipient(ExportRecipientInfo, Base): """ SQLAlchemy ORM class representing an export recipient. This has a close relationship with (and inherits from) :class:`camcops_server.cc_modules.cc_exportrecipientinfo.ExportRecipientInfo` (q.v.). Full details of parameters are in the docs for the config file. """ # noqa __tablename__ = "_export_recipients" IGNORE_FOR_EQ_ATTRNAMES = ExportRecipientInfo.IGNORE_FOR_EQ_ATTRNAMES + [ # Attribute names to ignore for equality comparison (is one recipient # record functionally equal to another?). "id", "current", "group_names", # Python only ] RECOPY_EACH_TIME_FROM_CONFIG_ATTRNAMES = [ # Fields representing sensitive information, not stored in the # database. See also init_on_load() function. "email_host_password", "fhir_app_secret", "fhir_launch_token", "redcap_api_key", ] # ------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Identifying this object, and whether it's the "live" version # ------------------------------------------------------------------------- id = Column( "id", BigInteger, primary_key=True, autoincrement=True, index=True, comment="Export recipient ID (arbitrary primary key)", ) recipient_name = Column( "recipient_name", ExportRecipientNameColType, nullable=False, comment="Name of export recipient", ) current = Column( "current", Boolean, default=False, nullable=False, comment="Is this the current record for this recipient? (If not, it's " "a historical record for audit purposes.)", ) # ------------------------------------------------------------------------- # How to export # ------------------------------------------------------------------------- transmission_method = Column( "transmission_method", ExportTransmissionMethodColType, nullable=False, comment="Export transmission method (e.g. hl7, file)", ) push = Column( "push", Boolean, default=False, nullable=False, comment="Push (support auto-export on upload)?", ) task_format = Column( "task_format", ExportTransmissionMethodColType, comment="Format that task information should be sent in (e.g. PDF), " "if not predetermined by the transmission method", ) xml_field_comments = Column( "xml_field_comments", Boolean, default=True, nullable=False, comment="Whether to include field comments in XML output", ) # ------------------------------------------------------------------------- # What to export # ------------------------------------------------------------------------- all_groups = Column( "all_groups", Boolean, default=False, nullable=False, comment="Export all groups? (If not, see group_ids.)", ) group_ids = Column( "group_ids", IntListType, comment="Integer IDs of CamCOPS group to export data from (as CSV)", ) tasks = Column( "tasks", StringListType, comment="Base table names of CamCOPS tasks to export data from " "(as CSV)", ) start_datetime_utc = Column( "start_datetime_utc", DateTime, comment="Start date/time for tasks (UTC)", ) end_datetime_utc = Column( "end_datetime_utc", DateTime, comment="End date/time for tasks (UTC)" ) finalized_only = Column( "finalized_only", Boolean, default=True, nullable=False, comment="Send only finalized tasks", ) include_anonymous = Column( "include_anonymous", Boolean, default=False, nullable=False, comment="Include anonymous tasks? " "Not applicable to some methods (e.g. HL7)", ) primary_idnum = Column( "primary_idnum", Integer, nullable=False, comment="Which ID number is used as the primary ID?", ) require_idnum_mandatory = Column( "require_idnum_mandatory", Boolean, comment="Must the primary ID number be mandatory in the relevant " "policy?", ) # ------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Database # ------------------------------------------------------------------------- db_url = Column( "db_url", UrlColType, comment="(DATABASE) SQLAlchemy database URL for export", ) db_echo = Column( "db_echo", Boolean, default=False, nullable=False, comment="(DATABASE) Echo SQL applied to destination database?", ) db_include_blobs = Column( "db_include_blobs", Boolean, default=True, nullable=False, comment="(DATABASE) Include BLOBs?", ) db_add_summaries = Column( "db_add_summaries", Boolean, default=True, nullable=False, comment="(DATABASE) Add summary information?", ) db_patient_id_per_row = Column( "db_patient_id_per_row", Boolean, default=True, nullable=False, comment="(DATABASE) Add patient ID information per row?", ) # ------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Email # ------------------------------------------------------------------------- email_host = Column( "email_host", HostnameColType, comment="(EMAIL) E-mail (SMTP) server host name/IP address", ) email_port = Column( "email_port", Integer, comment="(EMAIL) E-mail (SMTP) server port number", ) email_use_tls = Column( "email_use_tls", Boolean, default=True, nullable=False, comment="(EMAIL) Use explicit TLS connection?", ) email_host_username = Column( "email_host_username", UserNameExternalColType, comment="(EMAIL) Username on e-mail server", ) # email_host_password: not stored in database email_from = Column( "email_from", EmailAddressColType, comment='(EMAIL) "From:" address(es)', ) email_sender = Column( "email_sender", EmailAddressColType, comment='(EMAIL) "Sender:" address(es)', ) email_reply_to = Column( "email_reply_to", EmailAddressColType, comment='(EMAIL) "Reply-To:" address(es)', ) email_to = Column( "email_to", Text, comment='(EMAIL) "To:" recipient(s), as a CSV list' ) email_cc = Column( "email_cc", Text, comment='(EMAIL) "CC:" recipient(s), as a CSV list' ) email_bcc = Column( "email_bcc", Text, comment='(EMAIL) "BCC:" recipient(s), as a CSV list' ) email_patient_spec = Column( "email_patient", FileSpecColType, comment="(EMAIL) Patient specification", ) email_patient_spec_if_anonymous = Column( "email_patient_spec_if_anonymous", FileSpecColType, comment="(EMAIL) Patient specification for anonymous tasks", ) email_subject = Column( "email_subject", FileSpecColType, comment="(EMAIL) Subject specification", ) email_body_as_html = Column( "email_body_as_html", Boolean, default=False, nullable=False, comment="(EMAIL) Is the body HTML, rather than plain text?", ) email_body = Column("email_body", Text, comment="(EMAIL) Body contents") email_keep_message = Column( "email_keep_message", Boolean, default=False, nullable=False, comment="(EMAIL) Keep entire message?", ) # ------------------------------------------------------------------------- # HL7 # ------------------------------------------------------------------------- hl7_host = Column( "hl7_host", HostnameColType, comment="(HL7) Destination host name/IP address", ) hl7_port = Column( "hl7_port", Integer, comment="(HL7) Destination port number" ) hl7_ping_first = Column( "hl7_ping_first", Boolean, default=False, nullable=False, comment="(HL7) Ping via TCP/IP before sending HL7 messages?", ) hl7_network_timeout_ms = Column( "hl7_network_timeout_ms", Integer, comment="(HL7) Network timeout (ms).", ) hl7_keep_message = Column( "hl7_keep_message", Boolean, default=False, nullable=False, comment="(HL7) Keep copy of message in database? (May be large!)", ) hl7_keep_reply = Column( "hl7_keep_reply", Boolean, default=False, nullable=False, comment="(HL7) Keep copy of server's reply in database?", ) hl7_debug_divert_to_file = Column( "hl7_debug_divert_to_file", Boolean, default=False, nullable=False, comment="(HL7 debugging option) Divert messages to files?", ) hl7_debug_treat_diverted_as_sent = Column( "hl7_debug_treat_diverted_as_sent", Boolean, default=False, nullable=False, comment=( "(HL7 debugging option) Treat messages diverted to file as sent" ), ) # ------------------------------------------------------------------------- # File # ------------------------------------------------------------------------- file_patient_spec = Column( "file_patient_spec", FileSpecColType, comment="(FILE) Patient part of filename specification", ) file_patient_spec_if_anonymous = Column( "file_patient_spec_if_anonymous", FileSpecColType, comment=( "(FILE) Patient part of filename specification for anonymous " "tasks" ), ) file_filename_spec = Column( "file_filename_spec", FileSpecColType, comment="(FILE) Filename specification", ) file_make_directory = Column( "file_make_directory", Boolean, default=True, nullable=False, comment=( "(FILE) Make destination directory if it doesn't already exist" ), ) file_overwrite_files = Column( "file_overwrite_files", Boolean, default=False, nullable=False, comment="(FILE) Overwrite existing files", ) file_export_rio_metadata = Column( "file_export_rio_metadata", Boolean, default=False, nullable=False, comment="(FILE) Export RiO metadata file along with main file?", ) file_script_after_export = Column( "file_script_after_export", Text, comment="(FILE) Command/script to run after file export", ) # ------------------------------------------------------------------------- # File/RiO # ------------------------------------------------------------------------- rio_idnum = Column( "rio_idnum", Integer, comment="(FILE / RiO) RiO metadata: which ID number is the RiO ID?", ) rio_uploading_user = Column( "rio_uploading_user", Text, comment="(FILE / RiO) RiO metadata: name of automatic upload user", ) rio_document_type = Column( "rio_document_type", Text, comment="(FILE / RiO) RiO metadata: document type for RiO", ) # ------------------------------------------------------------------------- # REDCap export # ------------------------------------------------------------------------- redcap_api_url = Column( "redcap_api_url", Text, comment="(REDCap) REDCap API URL, pointing to the REDCap server", ) redcap_fieldmap_filename = Column( "redcap_fieldmap_filename", Text, comment="(REDCap) File defining CamCOPS-to-REDCap field mapping", ) # ------------------------------------------------------------------------- # FHIR export # ------------------------------------------------------------------------- fhir_api_url = Column( "fhir_api_url", Text, comment="(FHIR) FHIR API URL, pointing to the FHIR server", ) fhir_app_id = Column( "fhir_app_id", Text, comment="(FHIR) FHIR app ID, identifying CamCOPS as the data source", ) fhir_concurrent = Column( "fhir_concurrent", Boolean, default=False, nullable=True, comment="(FHIR) Server supports concurrency (parallel processing)?", ) def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs) -> None: """ Creates a blank :class:`ExportRecipient` object. NB not called when SQLAlchemy objects loaded from database; see :meth:`init_on_load` instead. """ super().__init__(*args, **kwargs) def __hash__(self) -> int: """ Used by the ``merge_db`` function, and specifically the old-to-new map maintained by :func:`cardinal_pythonlib.sqlalchemy.merge_db.merge_db`. """ return hash(f"{}_{self.recipient_name}")
[docs] @reconstructor def init_on_load(self) -> None: """ Called when SQLAlchemy recreates an object; see Sets Python-only attributes. See also IGNORE_FOR_EQ_ATTRNAMES, NEEDS_RECOPYING_EACH_TIME_FROM_CONFIG_ATTRNAMES. """ self.group_names = [] # type: List[str] # Within NEEDS_RECOPYING_EACH_TIME_FROM_CONFIG_ATTRNAMES: self.email_host_password = "" self.fhir_app_secret = "" self.fhir_launch_token = None # type: Optional[str] self.redcap_api_key = ""
[docs] def get_attrnames(self) -> List[str]: """ Returns all relevant attribute names. """ attrnames = set([attrname for attrname, _ in gen_columns(self)]) attrnames.update( key for key in self.__dict__ if not key.startswith("_") ) return sorted(attrnames)
def __repr__(self) -> str: return simple_repr(self, self.get_attrnames())
[docs] def is_upload_suitable_for_push( self, tablename: str, uploading_group_id: int ) -> bool: """ Might an upload potentially give tasks to be "pushed"? Called by :func:`camcops_server.cc_modules.cc_client_api_core.get_task_push_export_pks`. Args: tablename: table name being uploaded uploading_group_id: group ID if the uploading user Returns: whether this upload should be considered further """ if not self.push: # Not a push export recipient return False if self.tasks and tablename not in self.tasks: # Recipient is restricted to tasks that don't include the table # being uploaded (or, the table is a subtable that we don't care # about) return False if not self.all_groups: # Recipient is restricted to specific groups if uploading_group_id not in self.group_ids: # Wrong group! return False return True
[docs] def is_task_suitable(self, task: "Task") -> bool: """ Used as a double-check that a task remains suitable. Args: task: a :class:`camcops_server.cc_modules.cc_task.Task` Returns: bool: is the task suitable for this recipient? """ def _warn(reason: str) -> None: "For recipient {}, task {!r} is unsuitable: {}", self, task, reason, ) # Not a warning, actually; it's normal to see these because it # allows the client API to skip some checks for speed. if self.tasks and task.tablename not in self.tasks: _warn(f"Task type {task.tablename!r} not included") return False if not self.all_groups: task_group_id = task.group_id if task_group_id not in self.group_ids: _warn(f"group_id {task_group_id} not permitted") return False if not self.include_anonymous and task.is_anonymous: _warn("task is anonymous") return False if self.finalized_only and not task.is_preserved(): _warn("task not finalized") return False if self.start_datetime_utc or self.end_datetime_utc: task_dt = task.get_creation_datetime_utc_tz_unaware() if self.start_datetime_utc and task_dt < self.start_datetime_utc: _warn("task created before recipient start_datetime_utc") return False if self.end_datetime_utc and task_dt >= self.end_datetime_utc: _warn("task created at/after recipient end_datetime_utc") return False if not task.is_anonymous and self.primary_idnum is not None: patient = task.patient if not patient: _warn("missing patient") return False if not patient.has_idnum_type(self.primary_idnum): _warn( f"task's patient is missing ID number type " f"{self.primary_idnum}" ) return False return True
[docs] @classmethod def get_existing_matching_recipient( cls, dbsession: SqlASession, recipient: "ExportRecipient" ) -> Optional["ExportRecipient"]: """ Retrieves an active instance from the database that matches ``other``, if there is one. Args: dbsession: a :class:`sqlalchemy.orm.session.Session` recipient: an :class:`ExportRecipient` Returns: a database instance of :class:`ExportRecipient` that matches, or ``None``. """ # noinspection PyPep8 q = dbsession.query(cls).filter( cls.recipient_name == recipient.recipient_name, cls.current == True, # noqa: E712 ) results = q.all() if len(results) > 1: raise ValueError( "Database has gone wrong: more than one active record for " "{t}.{c} = {r}".format( t=cls.__tablename__,, # column name from Column r=recipient.recipient_name, ) ) if results: r = results[0] if recipient == r: return r return None
@property def db_url_obscuring_password(self) -> Optional[str]: """ Returns the database URL (if present), but with its password obscured. """ if not self.db_url: return self.db_url return get_safe_url_from_url(self.db_url) def get_task_export_options(self) -> TaskExportOptions: return TaskExportOptions( xml_include_comments=self.xml_field_comments, xml_with_header_comments=self.xml_field_comments, )
# noinspection PyUnusedLocal @listens_for(ExportRecipient, "after_insert") @listens_for(ExportRecipient, "after_update") def _check_current( mapper: "Mapper", connection: "Connection", target: ExportRecipient ) -> None: """ Ensures that only one :class:`ExportRecipient` is marked as ``current`` per ``recipient_name``. As per """ # noqa if target.current: # noinspection PyUnresolvedReferences connection.execute( ExportRecipient.__table__.update() .values(current=False) .where(ExportRecipient.recipient_name == target.recipient_name) .where( != )