25. Wishlist and blue-sky thoughts

Server-side “all tasks in full” view, like a clinical text view but for researchers?

A “research multi-task view” would be an easy extension to the task collection classes used for trackers and CTVs, if there is demand.

Improvements to “camcops merge_db” facility

The merge facility doesn’t yet allow you to say “ID#8 in database A means something different to ID#8 in database B; don’t merge that”. Should it? (Example: “research ID” that is group-specific, versus “NHS number” that isn’t.) More generally: should some ID numbers be visible only to certain groups?

Server-side ability to edit existing (finalized) task instances?

Would be done in a generic way, i.e. offer table with {fieldname, comment, old value, new value}; constrain to min/max or permitted values where applicable; at first “submit”, show differences and ask for confirmation; audit changes. For BLOBs, allow option to upload file (or leave unchanged).

Client-side index of tasks by patient ID, to speed up lookup on the tablet?

Might be worthwhile on the client side as the number of tasks grows. (The server already has indexing by patient ID.)

MRI triggering on task side

For example: CamCOPS tasks running on a desktop and communicating via TCP/IP with a tool that talks to an MRI scanner for pulse synchronization and response.

Further internationalization of task strings

Should we add an extra field for an ISO-639-1 two-letter language code (e.g. “en” for English) to the extra strings? Not clear this is required; different servers can already distribute whichever language they want, so the feature would only be relevant for “simultaneously multilingual” environments. Deferred for now.