2. Downloading CamCOPS

2.1. Overview

The Android app is at

Client downloads, and server distributions, are at

The source code is at

Old client downloads, and server distributions, are at

2.2. Windows client notes

Windows installation is very straightforward. The installer (created using Inno Setup) embeds a 32-bit and a 64-bit version of CamCOPS and will install the one appropriate to the operating system.

2.3. Android client notes

You are probably best off installing Android packages from the Google Play Store, because that’s simpler. However, you can also install a .apk (Android package file) directly.

  • To install an Android application from an APK file, you need to permit this: e.g. Settings ‣ Security ‣ Unknown sources (Allow installation of apps from unknown sources).
  • Download camcops_VERSION.apk and install it.
  • In doing so, please be aware of the following browser bug:
    • The default Android browser (“Browser”) may fail to download from password-protected web sites (e.g. restricted CamCOPS downloads). This is a known bug in Android [1].
    • Download using another browser such as Chrome [2] instead. Then run File Manager (or similar), find the APK that you just downloaded (try /sdcard/Download), and install it (e.g. “Complete action using: Package Installer”).

2.4. iOS client notes

Apple operate a restricted distribution system for iOS. Apps available via the App Store are publicly available and vetted by Apple. In addition, registered developers can install apps on their test hardware, and can also produce downloadable .ipa files. These IPA files are either locked to a specific subset of tablets (via a development certificate) or installable on any tablet (via an Enterprise distribution certificate); however, making Enterprise apps available outside the company concerned would be a breach of contract (specifically, of the iOS Developer Program Enterprise License Agreement). So: a restricted CPFT distribution will be available as camcops_VERSION_cpft.ipa but all other users will either have to (a) download the source code, register as Apple developers, and install the app to their own devices or distribute them within their own organization as above; or (b) wait for the App Store version.

2.5. Server notes

You can install the CamCOPS server Python package with:

pip install camcops-server

Downloads are also available as .deb packages for Debian Linux (e.g. Ubuntu) and .rpm packages for e.g. CentOS.

2.6. Pending

  • Apple App Store iOS download
  • Linux client app download
  • Windows server package (unless PyPI is enough)


[1]Android browser bug when using HTTP Basic Authentication: https://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=1353; http://stackoverflow.com/questions/17601647/apk-download-failure-if-behind-password-protected-site-on-stock-browser