16. Server: migrating databases


Add to documentation about database migrations.

16.1. Database-specific tools


SQL Server

16.2. Generic tools

See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_database_tools.

These include:

  • DataGrip: SQL and some schema management tools. Didn’t leap out as superb.

  • DBeaver: I think this is good. Includes export/import support. Uses JDBC.

  • Navicat: commercial product to support many databases that includes data migration as well as an SQL client. The Premium version supports lots of databases simultaneously (but as of 2018-09-30, it’s $1,299).

  • SQuirreL SQL: this tool uses JDBC to connect to databases. I remember it as being quite good, but as of 2018-09-30 it doesn’t seem to work under Ubuntu 18.04:

    1. Download the .jar file and launch it with

      java -jar squirrel-sql-3.8.1-standard.jar
    2. Then fix any resulting “Assistive Technology Not Found” error like this: https://askubuntu.com/questions/695560/assistive-technology-not-found-awterror, e.g. by running

      sudo pico /etc/java-11-openjdk/accessibility.properties

      and commenting out the line


      Then re-run the installer.

    3. Then launch SQuirreL.

    4. Then, if it incorrectly complains about your Java JVM version, hack the launch script as per https://sourceforge.net/p/squirrel-sql/bugs/1019/. Note that its version detection (in JavaVersionChecker.java) is extremely primitive, being based on string comparison. Just hack this line in squirrel-sql.sh (for Linux systems):

      $JAVACMD -cp "$UNIX_STYLE_HOME/lib/versioncheck.jar" JavaVersionChecker 1.8 9

      so that your JVM version is mentioned (e.g. add 10 to support JVM 10.0.2.

    5. Then launch SQuirreL.

    6. Still fails, silently, with SQuirreL 3.8.1 under Ubuntu 18.04.