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#!/usr/bin/env python



    Copyright (C) 2012-2020 Rudolf Cardinal ([email protected]).

    This file is part of CamCOPS.

    CamCOPS is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
    the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
    (at your option) any later version.

    CamCOPS is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
    GNU General Public License for more details.

    You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
    along with CamCOPS. If not, see <>.


**Core constants and functions used by the client (tablet device) API.**


from typing import Any, Dict, Iterable, List, Optional, Set, TYPE_CHECKING

from cardinal_pythonlib.datetimefunc import format_datetime
from cardinal_pythonlib.reprfunc import simple_repr
from pendulum import DateTime as Pendulum
from sqlalchemy.sql.expression import literal, select
from sqlalchemy.sql.schema import Table

from camcops_server.cc_modules.cc_constants import (
from camcops_server.cc_modules.cc_db import (

    from camcops_server.cc_modules.cc_exportrecipient import ExportRecipient
    from camcops_server.cc_modules.cc_request import CamcopsRequest

# =============================================================================
# Constants
# =============================================================================

[docs]class TabletParam(object): """ Keys used by server or client (in the comments: S server, C client, B bidirectional). """ ADDRESS = "address" # C->S, in JSON, v2.3.0 CAMCOPS_VERSION = "camcops_version" # C->S DATABASE_TITLE = "databaseTitle" # S->C DATEVALUES = "datevalues" # C->S DBDATA = "dbdata" # C->S, v2.3.0 DEVICE = "device" # C->S DEVICE_FRIENDLY_NAME = "devicefriendlyname" # C->S DOB = "dob" # C->S, in JSON, v2.3.0 ERROR = "error" # S->C FIELDS = "fields" # B FINALIZING = "finalizing" # C->S, in JSON and upload_entire_database, v2.3.0; synonym for preserving # noqa FORENAME = "forename" # C->S, in JSON, v2.3.0 GP = "gp" # C->S, in JSON, v2.3.0 ID_DESCRIPTION_PREFIX = "idDescription" # S->C ID_POLICY_FINALIZE = "idPolicyFinalize" # S->C ID_POLICY_UPLOAD = "idPolicyUpload" # S->C ID_SHORT_DESCRIPTION_PREFIX = "idShortDescription" # S->C ID_VALIDATION_METHOD_PREFIX = "idValidationMethod" # S->C; new in v2.2.8 IDNUM_PREFIX = "idnum" # C->S, in JSON, v2.3.0 MOVE_OFF_TABLET_VALUES = "move_off_tablet_values" # C->S, v2.3.0 NFIELDS = "nfields" # B NRECORDS = "nrecords" # B OPERATION = "operation" # C->S OTHER = "other" # C->S, in JSON, v2.3.0 PASSWORD = "password" # C->S PATIENT_INFO = "patient_info" # C->S; new in v2.3.0 PKNAME = "pkname" # C->S PKNAMEINFO = "pknameinfo" # C->S, new in v2.3.0 PKVALUES = "pkvalues" # C->S RECORD_PREFIX = "record" # B RESULT = "result" # S->C SERVER_CAMCOPS_VERSION = "serverCamcopsVersion" # S->C SESSION_ID = "session_id" # B SESSION_TOKEN = "session_token" # B SEX = "sex" # C->S, in JSON, v2.3.0 SUCCESS = "success" # S->C SURNAME = "surname" # C->S, in JSON, v2.3.0 TABLE = "table" # C->S TABLES = "tables" # C->S USER = "user" # C->S VALUES = "values" # C->S
# Retired (part of defunct mobileweb interface): # WHEREFIELDS = "wherefields" # WHERENOTFIELDS = "wherenotfields" # WHERENOTVALUES = "wherenotvalues" # WHEREVALUES = "wherevalues"
[docs]class ExtraStringFieldNames(object): """ To match ``extrastring.cpp`` on the tablet. """ TASK = "task" NAME = "name" LANGUAGE = "language" VALUE = "value"
[docs]class AllowedTablesFieldNames(object): """ To match ``allowedservertable.cpp`` on the tablet """ TABLENAME = "tablename" MIN_CLIENT_VERSION = "min_client_version"
# ============================================================================= # Exceptions used by client API # ============================================================================= # Note the following about exception strings: # # class Blah(Exception): # pass # # x = Blah("hello") # str(x) # 'hello'
[docs]class UserErrorException(Exception): """ Exception class for when the input from the tablet is dodgy. """ pass
[docs]class ServerErrorException(Exception): """ Exception class for when something's broken on the server side. """ pass
[docs]class IgnoringAntiqueTableException(Exception): """ Special exception to return success when we're ignoring an old tablet's request to upload the "storedvars" table. """ pass
# ============================================================================= # Return message functions # =============================================================================
[docs]def exception_description(e: Exception) -> str: """ Returns a formatted description of a Python exception. """ return f"{type(e).__name__}: {str(e)}"
# NO LONGER USED: # def succeed_generic(operation: str) -> str: # """ # Generic success message to tablet. # """ # return "CamCOPS: {}".format(operation)
[docs]def fail_user_error(msg: str) -> None: """ Function to abort the script when the input is dodgy. Raises :exc:`UserErrorException`. """ # While Titanium-Android can extract error messages from e.g. # finish("400 Bad Request: @_"), Titanium-iOS can't, and we need the error # messages. Therefore, we will return an HTTP success code but "Success: 0" # in the reply details. raise UserErrorException(msg)
[docs]def require_keys(dictionary: Dict[Any, Any], keys: List[Any]) -> None: """ Ensure that all listed keys are present in the specified dictionary, or raise a :exc:`UserErrorException`. """ for k in keys: if k not in dictionary: fail_user_error(f"Field {repr(k)} missing in client input")
[docs]def fail_user_error_from_exception(e: Exception) -> None: """ Raise :exc:`UserErrorException` with a description that comes from the specified exception. """ fail_user_error(exception_description(e))
[docs]def fail_server_error(msg: str) -> None: """ Function to abort the script when something's broken server-side. Raises :exc:`ServerErrorException`. """ raise ServerErrorException(msg)
[docs]def fail_server_error_from_exception(e: Exception) -> None: """ Raise :exc:`ServerErrorException` with a description that comes from the specified exception. """ fail_server_error(exception_description(e))
[docs]def fail_unsupported_operation(operation: str) -> None: """ Abort the script (with a :exc:`UserErrorException`) when the operation is invalid. """ fail_user_error(f"operation={operation}: not supported")
# ============================================================================= # Information classes used during upload # =============================================================================
[docs]class BatchDetails(object): """ Represents a current upload batch. """ def __init__(self, batchtime: Optional[Pendulum] = None, preserving: bool = False, onestep: bool = False) -> None: """ Args: batchtime: the batchtime; UTC time this upload batch started; will be applied to all changes preserving: are we preserving (finalizing) the records -- that is, moving them from the current era (``NOW``) to the ``batchtime`` era, so they can be deleted from the tablet without apparent loss on the server? onestep: is this a one-step whole-database upload? """ self.batchtime = batchtime self.preserving = preserving self.onestep = onestep def __repr__(self) -> str: return simple_repr(self, ["batchtime", "preserving", "onestep"]) @property def new_era(self) -> str: """ Returns the string used for the new era for this batch, in case we are preserving records. """ return format_datetime(self.batchtime, DateFormat.ERA)
[docs]class WhichKeyToSendInfo(object): """ Represents information the client has sent, asking us which records it needs to upload recordwise. """ def __init__(self, client_pk: int, client_when: Pendulum, client_move_off_tablet: bool) -> None: self.client_pk = client_pk self.client_when = client_when self.client_move_off_tablet = client_move_off_tablet
[docs]class ServerRecord(object): """ Class to represent whether a server record exists, and/or the results of retrieving server records. """ def __init__(self, client_pk: int = None, exists_on_server: bool = False, server_pk: int = None, server_when: Pendulum = None, move_off_tablet: bool = False, current: bool = False, addition_pending: bool = False, removal_pending: bool = False, predecessor_pk: int = None, successor_pk: int = None) -> None: """ Args: client_pk: client's PK exists_on_server: does the record exist on the server? server_pk: if it exists, what's the server PK? server_when: if it exists, what's the server's "when" (``when_last_modified``) field? move_off_tablet: is the ``__move_off_tablet`` flag set? current: is the record current (``_current`` flag set)? addition_pending: is the ``_addition_pending`` flag set? removal_pending: is the ``_removal_pending`` flag set? predecessor_pk: predecessor server PK, or ``None`` successor_pk: successor server PK, or ``None`` """ self.client_pk = client_pk self.exists = exists_on_server self.server_pk = server_pk self.server_when = server_when self.move_off_tablet = move_off_tablet self.current = current self.addition_pending = addition_pending self.removal_pending = removal_pending self.predecessor_pk = predecessor_pk self.successor_pk = successor_pk def __repr__(self) -> str: return simple_repr(self, [ "client_pk", "exists", "server_pk", "server_when", "move_off_tablet", "current", "addition_pending", "removal_pending", "predecessor_pk", "successor_pk", ])
[docs]class UploadRecordResult(object): """ Represents the result of uploading a record. """ def __init__(self, oldserverpk: Optional[int] = None, newserverpk: Optional[int] = None, dirty: bool = False, specifically_marked_for_preservation: bool = False): """ Args: oldserverpk: the server's PK of the old version of the record; ``None`` if the record is new newserverpk: the server's PK of the new version of the record; ``None`` if the record was unmodified dirty: was the database table modified? (May be true even if ``newserverpk`` is ``None``, if ``_move_off_tablet`` was set. specifically_marked_for_preservation: should the record(s) be preserved? """ self.oldserverpk = oldserverpk self.newserverpk = newserverpk self.dirty = dirty self.specifically_marked_for_preservation = specifically_marked_for_preservation # noqa self._specifically_marked_preservation_pks = [] # type: List[int] def __repr__(self) -> str: return simple_repr(self, [ "oldserverpk", "newserverpk", "dirty", "to_be_preserved", "specifically_marked_preservation_pks"])
[docs] def note_specifically_marked_preservation_pks(self, pks: List[int]) -> None: """ Notes that some PKs are marked specifically for preservation. """ self._specifically_marked_preservation_pks.extend(pks)
@property def latest_pk(self) -> Optional[int]: """ Returns the latest of the two PKs. """ if self.newserverpk is not None: return self.newserverpk return self.oldserverpk @property def specifically_marked_preservation_pks(self) -> List[int]: """ Returns a list of server PKs of records specifically marked to be preserved. This may include older versions (the predecessor chain) of records being uploaded. """ return self._specifically_marked_preservation_pks @property def addition_pks(self) -> List[int]: """ Returns a list of PKs representing new records being added. """ return [self.newserverpk] if self.newserverpk is not None else [] @property def removal_modified_pks(self) -> List[int]: """ Returns a list of PKs representing records removed because they have been "modified out". """ if self.oldserverpk is not None and self.newserverpk is not None: return [self.oldserverpk] return [] @property def all_pks(self) -> List[int]: """ Returns all PKs (old, new, or both). """ return list(x for x in [self.oldserverpk, self.newserverpk] if x is not None) @property def current_pks(self) -> List[int]: """ Returns PKs that represent current records on the server. """ if self.newserverpk is not None: return [self.newserverpk] # record was replaced; new one's current if self.oldserverpk is not None: return [self.oldserverpk] # not replaced; old one's current return []
[docs]class UploadTableChanges(object): """ Represents information to process and audit an upload to a table. """ def __init__(self, table: Table) -> None: self.table = table self._addition_pks = set() # type: Set[int] self._removal_modified_pks = set() # type: Set[int] self._removal_deleted_pks = set() # type: Set[int] self._preservation_pks = set() # type: Set[int] self._current_pks = set() # type: Set[int] # ------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Basic info # ------------------------------------------------------------------------- @property def tablename(self) -> str: """ The table's name. """ return # ------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Tell us about PKs # -------------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def note_addition_pk(self, pk: int) -> None: """ Records an "addition" PK. """ self._addition_pks.add(pk)
[docs] def note_addition_pks(self, pks: Iterable[int]) -> None: """ Records multiple "addition" PKs. """ self._addition_pks.update(pks)
[docs] def note_removal_modified_pk(self, pk: int) -> None: """ Records a "removal because modified" PK (replaced by successor). """ self._removal_modified_pks.add(pk)
[docs] def note_removal_modified_pks(self, pks: Iterable[int]) -> None: """ Records multiple "removal because modified" PKs. """ self._removal_modified_pks.update(pks)
[docs] def note_removal_deleted_pk(self, pk: int) -> None: """ Records a "deleted" PK (removed with no successor). """ self._removal_deleted_pks.add(pk)
[docs] def note_removal_deleted_pks(self, pks: Iterable[int]) -> None: """ Records multiple "deleted" PKs (see :func:`note_removal_deleted_pk`). """ self._removal_deleted_pks.update(pks)
[docs] def note_preservation_pk(self, pk: int) -> None: """ Records a "preservation" PK (a record that's being finalized). """ self._preservation_pks.add(pk)
[docs] def note_preservation_pks(self, pks: Iterable[int]) -> None: """ Records multiple "preservation" PKs (records that are being finalized). """ self._preservation_pks.update(pks)
[docs] def note_current_pk(self, pk: int) -> None: """ Records that a record is current on the server. For indexing. """ self._current_pks.add(pk)
[docs] def note_current_pks(self, pks: Iterable[int]) -> None: """ Records multiple "current" PKs. """ self._current_pks.update(pks)
[docs] def note_urr(self, urr: UploadRecordResult, preserving_new_records: bool) -> None: """ Records information from a :class:`UploadRecordResult`, which is itself the result of calling :func:`camcops_server.cc_modules.client_api.upload_record_core`. Called by :func:`camcops_server.cc_modules.client_api.process_table_for_onestep_upload`. Args: urr: a :class:`UploadRecordResult` preserving_new_records: are new records being preserved? """ # noqa self.note_addition_pks(urr.addition_pks) self.note_removal_modified_pks(urr.removal_modified_pks) if preserving_new_records: self.note_preservation_pks(urr.addition_pks) self.note_preservation_pks(urr.specifically_marked_preservation_pks) self.note_current_pks(urr.current_pks)
[docs] def note_serverrec(self, sr: ServerRecord, preserving: bool) -> None: """ Records information from a :class:`ServerRecord`. Called by :func:`camcops_server.cc_modules.client_api.commit_table`. Args: sr: a :class:`ServerRecord` preserving: are we preserving uploaded records? """ pk = sr.server_pk if sr.addition_pending: self.note_addition_pk(pk) self.note_current_pk(pk) elif sr.removal_pending: if sr.successor_pk is None: self.note_removal_deleted_pk(pk) else: self.note_removal_modified_pk(pk) elif sr.current: self.note_current_pk(pk) if preserving or sr.move_off_tablet: self.note_preservation_pk(pk)
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Counts # ------------------------------------------------------------------------- @property def n_added(self) -> int: """ Number of server records added. """ return len(self._addition_pks) @property def n_removed_modified(self) -> int: """ Number of server records "modified out" -- replaced by a modified version and marked as removed. """ return len(self._removal_modified_pks) @property def n_removed_deleted(self) -> int: """ Number of server records "deleted" -- marked as removed with no successor. """ return len(self._removal_deleted_pks) @property def n_removed(self) -> int: """ Number of server records "removed" -- marked as removed (either with or without a successor). """ return self.n_removed_modified + self.n_removed_deleted @property def n_preserved(self) -> int: """ Number of server records "preserved" (finalized) -- moved from the ``NOW`` era to the batch era (and no longer modifiable by the client device). """ return len(self._preservation_pks) # ------------------------------------------------------------------------- # PKs for various purposes # ------------------------------------------------------------------------- @property def addition_pks(self) -> List[int]: """ Server PKs of records being added. """ return sorted(self._addition_pks) @property def removal_modified_pks(self) -> List[int]: """ Server PKs of records being modified out. """ return sorted(self._removal_modified_pks) @property def removal_deleted_pks(self) -> List[int]: """ Server PKs of records being deleted. """ return sorted(self._removal_deleted_pks) @property def removal_pks(self) -> List[int]: """ Server PKs of records being removed (modified out, or deleted). """ return sorted(self._removal_modified_pks | self._removal_deleted_pks) @property def preservation_pks(self) -> List[int]: """ Server PKs of records being preserved. """ return sorted(self._preservation_pks) @property def current_pks(self) -> List[int]: return sorted(self._current_pks) @property def idnum_delete_index_pks(self) -> List[int]: """ Server PKs of records to delete old index entries for, if this is the ID number table. (Includes records that need re-indexing.) We don't care about preservation PKs here, as the ID number index doesn't incorporate that. """ return sorted(self._removal_modified_pks | self._removal_deleted_pks) @property def idnum_add_index_pks(self) -> List[int]: """ Server PKs of records to add index entries for, if this is the ID number table. """ return sorted(self._addition_pks) @property def task_delete_index_pks(self) -> List[int]: """ Server PKs of records to delete old index entries for, if this is a task table. (Includes records that need re-indexing.) """ return sorted( (self._removal_modified_pks | # needs reindexing self._removal_deleted_pks | # gone self._preservation_pks) - # needs reindexing self._addition_pks # won't be indexed, so no need to delete index ) @property def task_reindex_pks(self) -> List[int]: """ Server PKs of records to rebuild index entries for, if this is a task table. (Includes records that need re-indexing.) We include records being preserved, because their era has changed, and the index includes era. Unless they are being removed! """ return sorted( ( (self._addition_pks | # new; index self._preservation_pks) - # reindex (but only if current) (self._removal_modified_pks | # modified out; don't index self._removal_deleted_pks) # deleted; don't index ) & self._current_pks # only reindex current PKs ) # A quick reminder, since I got this wrong: # | union (A or B) # & intersection (A and B) # ^ xor (A or B but not both) # - difference (A - B)
[docs] def get_task_push_export_pks(self, recipient: "ExportRecipient", uploading_group_id: int) -> List[int]: """ Returns PKs for tasks matching the requirements of a particular export recipient. (In practice, only "push" recipients will come our way, so we can ignore this.) """ if not recipient.is_upload_suitable_for_push( tablename=self.tablename, uploading_group_id=uploading_group_id): # Not suitable return [] if recipient.finalized_only: return sorted( self._preservation_pks # finalized & self._current_pks # only send current tasks ) else: return sorted( ( self._addition_pks | # new (may be unfinalized) self._preservation_pks # finalized ) & self._current_pks # only send current tasks )
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Audit info # ------------------------------------------------------------------------- @property def any_changes(self) -> bool: """ Has anything changed that we're aware of? """ return (self.n_added > 0 or self.n_removed_modified > 0 or self.n_removed_deleted > 0 or self.n_preserved > 0) def __str__(self) -> str: return ( f"{self.tablename}: " f"({self.n_added} added, " f"PKs {self.addition_pks}; " f"{self.n_removed_modified} modified out, " f"PKs {self.removal_modified_pks}; " f"{self.n_removed_deleted} deleted, " f"PKs {self.removal_deleted_pks}; " f"{self.n_preserved} preserved, " f"PKs {self.preservation_pks}; " f"current PKs {self.current_pks})" )
[docs] def description(self, always_show_current_pks: bool = True) -> str: """ Short description, only including bits that have changed. """ parts = [] # type: List[str] if self._addition_pks: parts.append(f"{self.n_added} added, PKs {self.addition_pks}") if self._removal_modified_pks: parts.append( f"{self.n_removed_modified} modified out, " f"PKs {self.removal_modified_pks}") if self._removal_deleted_pks: parts.append( f"{self.n_removed_deleted} deleted, " f"PKs {self.removal_deleted_pks}") if self._preservation_pks: parts.append( f"{self.n_preserved} preserved, " f"PKs {self.preservation_pks}") if not parts: parts.append("no changes") if always_show_current_pks or self.any_changes: parts.append(f"current PKs {self.current_pks}") return f"{self.tablename} ({'; '.join(parts)})"
# ============================================================================= # Value dictionaries for updating records, to reduce repetition # =============================================================================
[docs]def values_delete_later() -> Dict[str, Any]: """ Field/value pairs to mark a record as "to be deleted later". """ return { FN_REMOVAL_PENDING: 1, FN_SUCCESSOR_PK: None }
[docs]def values_delete_now(req: "CamcopsRequest", batchdetails: BatchDetails) -> Dict[str, Any]: """ Field/value pairs to mark a record as deleted now. """ return { FN_CURRENT: 0, FN_REMOVAL_PENDING: 0, FN_REMOVING_USER_ID: req.user_id, FN_WHEN_REMOVED_EXACT:, FN_WHEN_REMOVED_BATCH_UTC: batchdetails.batchtime }
[docs]def values_preserve_now(req: "CamcopsRequest", batchdetails: BatchDetails, forcibly_preserved: bool = False) -> Dict[str, Any]: """ Field/value pairs to mark a record as preserved now. """ return { FN_ERA: batchdetails.new_era, FN_PRESERVING_USER_ID: req.user_id, MOVE_OFF_TABLET_FIELD: 0, FN_FORCIBLY_PRESERVED: forcibly_preserved, }
# ============================================================================= # CamCOPS table reading functions # =============================================================================
[docs]def get_server_live_records(req: "CamcopsRequest", device_id: int, table: Table, clientpk_name: str = None, current_only: bool = True) -> List[ServerRecord]: """ Gets details of all records on the server, for the specified table, that are live on this client device. Args: req: the :class:`camcops_server.cc_modules.cc_request.CamcopsRequest` device_id: ID of the :class:`camcops_server.cc_modules.cc_device.Device` table: an SQLAlchemy :class:`Table` clientpk_name: the column name of the client's PK; if none is supplied, the client_pk fields of the results will be ``None`` current_only: restrict to "current" (``_current``) records only? Returns: :class:`ServerRecord` objects for active records (``_current`` and in the 'NOW' era) for the specified device/table. """ recs = [] # type: List[ServerRecord] client_pk_clause = table.c[clientpk_name] if clientpk_name else literal(None) # noqa query = ( select([ client_pk_clause, # 0: client PK (or None) table.c[FN_PK], # 1: server PK table.c[CLIENT_DATE_FIELD], # 2: when last modified (on the server) table.c[MOVE_OFF_TABLET_FIELD], # 3: move_off_tablet table.c[FN_CURRENT], # 4: current table.c[FN_ADDITION_PENDING], # 5 table.c[FN_REMOVAL_PENDING], # 6 table.c[FN_PREDECESSOR_PK], # 7 table.c[FN_SUCCESSOR_PK], # 8 ]) .where(table.c[FN_DEVICE_ID] == device_id) .where(table.c[FN_ERA] == ERA_NOW) ) if current_only: query = query.where(table.c[FN_CURRENT]) rows = req.dbsession.execute(query) for row in rows: recs.append(ServerRecord( client_pk=row[0], exists_on_server=True, server_pk=row[1], server_when=row[2], move_off_tablet=row[3], current=row[4], addition_pending=row[5], removal_pending=row[6], predecessor_pk=row[7], successor_pk=row[8], )) return recs